Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment...
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Invigra Condoms

Invigra condoms come in a range of wide and exciting flavors and textures specifically designed to cater to the ever changing needs of the user. Today, in India, Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment;

1. Kool Blue
2. Banana
3. Chocolate
4. Strawberry
5. Alphonso
6. Max Pleasure (dotted & ribbed)
7. Hi-Performance
8. Feather Touch
9. Cocktail


Invigra-T is a nutritional food supplement that boosts strength, stamina and energy not just for those special nights but otherwise too.

Invigra-T is a combination of South East Asian herbs that grows in the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. For centuries, it has been used by natives as a potent aphrodisiac (stimulation of sexual desire), a health tonic and energy enhancer.

So what does this magic herb do exactly? Let’s find out.

  1. Muscle Gain and Fat Loss.
  2. Increase in testosterone levels.
  3. Increase in Libido (Sexual Desire).
  4. Increase in Sperm Count & Quality.
  5. More Powerful Ejaculations.
  6. Better Sex.
  7. Increased Fertility.
  8. Male Enhancement (Penis Enlargement).
  9. Mood & well being enhancement.



Daily washing with Diva leaves a fresh feeling and helps maintain healthy vaginal flora, prevent unpleasant odour & irritations of the intimate areas.Diva contains ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, which is a great natural cleanser. This oil is rich in vitamins A,C and E Nutrients like carotenoids ,etc.Tea tree oil helps treat vaginal infections by killing bacteria and fungus and reducing allergic skin reactions.

Invigra Spray

Modern life environment of tension, stress and similar psychological factors can lead to the problem of premature ejaculation. This problem can further lead to performance anxiety and lack of confidence which can keep you away from enjoying the act of lovemaking to the fullest; leaving you and your partner unsatisfied. INVIGRA SPRAY is the trusted friend which helps to have the “complete” pleasure and brings that scintillating experience for you and your partner. Take the pride of your manhood and deliver a long lasting performance with INVIGRA SPRAY.

Invigra delay spray or ‘Macho’ as we like to call it, is a Lidocaine spray that contains, well, Lidocaine, to ‘delay’ or prolong your climax. Try Invigra-T and Macho together and watch Christmas, Easter and New Year come together everyday.