Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment...
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Art Revolutionized. Design Condomized.

Design is art. Even if it is on a condom wrapper. A lot goes into just selecting the right color for the wrapper. And that is after coming up with the right design and font for the box.

But we do like art and we do want to differentiate ourselves from the silver wrappers out there in the market. So we’ve decided to relieve ourselves of the burden of thinking about a wrapper design and leave it in the hands of the more capable and fancy; meaning YOU.

We believe Invigra condoms to be as unique and the people behind their making. Which is why, unlike other wrappers, ours are fancier and more colourful, meaning LOUD.

But to make them scream, we’d like you to help. Submit us a design of what you’d like to see on your condom wrapper and if we like it, we’ll manufacture our next batch with your pretty design on them. Send us anything; a hand drawn something, painting, photograph or an image of the art that you have created. Please do not send us someone else’s copyrighted stuff. Although, if your creativity refuses to kick in, there are plenty of free and paid stock image sites that have licensed images for you to use. Just make sure you add ‘Invigra Condoms’ in your designs.

So the winner not only gets to have his art put on our wrappers but we’ll send him a box of 100 condoms for free. Also, we donate another 100 condoms to a charity of his liking. Or if you don’t have one, we’ll find you one. Plus we’ll put your pretty mug along with your pretty wrapper design and your bio or portfolio link all over our social media pages for the world to see.

We’ll put up a weekly voting system to see whose design gets the most votes. We’ll pick a winner every week by vote for 3 months at the end of which we’ll put out a final vote for the viewers to decide upon. Out of the final voted designs, our panel of judges will pick the top 3 and the one from those designs will win the title of ‘iDiC King’ or ‘iDiC Queen’.

So, get working. Contest starts August 5th, 2016. Its ‘Work like a Dog’ day!