Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment...
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Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad – Description

Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad

We have exceeded our business widely as a Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad. Dotted condoms are highly sold among all till today’s date as it is most preferred by the customers. Hence, Invigra has launched the premium quality doted condoms for the people who are fond of extra pleasure. Never tried dotted condoms? Wanna try once? Always pick our brand for better result.
Sex without contraceptive is highly unsecured and unhealthy as it may result in transmission of STD virus or HIV in your partner’s body. Besides, unwanted pregnancy, skin disease transmission, and many more can occur with the ignorance of condoms. Hence, you are suggested to apply condoms while having sex and most importantly, use Invigra product for highly secured sex.
Our Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad offer you these condom packs with 9 exclusive and delicious flavours including Max Pleasure, Strawberry, Feather Touch, High Performance, Alphonso, Chocolate, Cool Blue, and Banana. You also get some exiting cocktail flavoured dotted condoms which helps you get really crazy. So, whenever you feel like getting closer to your partner, always remember our one and only brand for extremely safe, flexible and comfort giving dotted condoms.
Get some exciting flavour pack of Invigra dotted condoms here:

Desire Pack – Strawberry, Chocolate, Feather Touch, Max Pleasure Our Price: Rs. 324
Exotic Pack – Banana, Alphonso, Strawberry Our Price: Rs. 216
Cocktail Pack – Max Pleasure, Feather Touch, Strawberry, Alphonso, Banana, Chocolate, Cool Blue, High Performance Our Price: Rs. 170
Flavours Pack – Chocolate, Alphonso, Banana, Strawberry Our Price: Rs. 270

Advantage: Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad
• Enables secured sex
• Gives maximum fun and satisfaction
• Avoids Pregnancy
• Prevents HIV transmission
• Restricts fungal infection
• protection against STD

Area Covered by Invigra Private Limited: Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad

– India and Abroad

Business Type of Invigra Private Limited: Dotted Condoms Manufacturers in Hyderabad

– Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters