Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment...
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Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers

Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers: Description

Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers

Chocolate is one of the most favorite things for most of the people. Holding this concept, Invigra Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers have launched the condoms with chocolate flavor for you. The mesmerizing flavor of chocolate helps you stay in mood for a longer time. With the advancement of these rich chocolate condoms, you can experience more pleasure that you never got before. Condom is basically used for birth control, but if it is yummy and fascinating, everybody will prefer to use it.
Dos and Don’ts:
• Each condom is made for single use only
• Always store in a cool and dry place
• If allergic to rubber products, then consult doctor first
• For maximum protection, follow the given instructions
Along with pregnancy avoidance, you can also stay secured against harmful STD disease transmission like HIV (AIDS). The rubber used by our Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers is of premium quality which avoids itching, allergy, irritation, and many other side effects.
Therefore, use our safe, qualitative Chocolate Flavored Condoms and live your moment with complete pleasure as well as security.
Advantage: Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers
• Enables secured sex
• Avoids Pregnancy
• Prevents HIV transmission
• Restricts fungal infection
• protection against STD

Area Covered by Invigra Private Limited

: Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers – India and Abroad

Business Type of Invigra Private Limited

: Chocolate Flavored Condoms Manufacturers – Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters